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Take advantage of the huge benefits offered by digital and print trade media

Gemma Bowker

Gemma has been involved in managing and writing campaigns, strategy and journalism for more than 20 years, working with companies and organizations worldwide. With wider experience in the film, media and digital sphere, and a PhD from the University of Manchester, she brings strong creative flair to Golden Brain.

Trade media should play a huge part in the PR and marketing communications of a successful B2B company and offers distinct advantages, with digital and print media both effective in different ways. With high levels of trust among their readers, often built up over decades, outlets are the voice of their industries. Getting your stories into them, whether online or in print, can amplify and add huge value to your marketing campaigns.

Think of your audience, reach out to some of your leading customers and speak to them about how they consume trade news. I am sure you will find a range of different answers – from the industry enthusiasts who read trade magazines cover-to-cover, to those who skim through the latest newsletter emails and trade websites to get a flavor of what is happening in your industry.

Adverts can get you part of the way. However, becoming part of the news makes a tangible difference. You are immediately seen as a market leader, can position yourself as breaking new ground, can build relationships with journalists and are sometimes asked for comment on the big industry stories.

Having stories online or in print comes with a series of advantages for each, so making an effort to provide good content that can be used by trade media should be an important part of your marketing efforts. I have outlined some of the key benefits of online and print trade media below and I think it makes a compelling case for the overall importance of making sure you get your name, products and latest news into trade publications and on their websites as often as possible.

Print trade media provides tangibility: Some industry sectors, such as OEM machine builders, warehouses, large factories and construction sites, are more likely to have print trade media lying around, particularly in break-out areas, where they can be read widely.

Digital trade media delivers up-to-the-minute news: If you have an event taking place that you want to publicize, a big product launch or a time-sensitive piece of news, online can be immediate. Indeed, we have seen stories we have sent out on behalf of clients, appear in several online industry publications within a matter of hours.

Print trade media gets straight to your target audience: Companies that get their stories into print reach a concentrated group of people with a strong interest in a particular industry so that any exposure is focused and relevant.

Digital trade media has a global reach: While many trade magazines are based in specific territories or countries, digital media can be consumed by customers around the world, reaching an audience beyond geographical boundaries. This is ideal for global businesses and those with international aspirations.

Print trade media has a longer shelf life: Trade magazines tend to last longer and are often shared, passed along or kept, providing the possibility for your message to be viewed repeatedly.

Digital trade media can generate real-time analytics: Data about engagement such as click-through rates, impressions, conversions and other key metrics are available from digital trade outlets to measure the effectiveness of and optimize campaigns.

Print trade media has fewer distractions: Readers tend to consume print media in a single sitting and in a more focused way, without distractions from pop-ups, banners or animated adverts. They are able to devote more of their attention and engage with content more deeply.

Digital media can be more interactive: Digital media can be more immersive and dynamic, allowing for the use of content such as videos, audio clips and clickable links that are designed to enhance user experience.

Ultimately, when you send out content rather than paying for advertising, you don’t have a choice as to where it is used. However, the many benefits of both print and digital media are clear. In order to find the best ways to target trade media and get your brand in the news, please do get in touch with us at Golden Brain, where you will find us friendly, knowledgeable and experts in your industry.

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