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Developing a voice in your industry

Gemma Bowker

Gemma has been involved in managing and writing campaigns, strategy and journalism for more than 20 years, working with companies and organizations worldwide. With wider experience in the film, media and digital sphere, and a PhD from the University of Manchester, she brings strong creative flair to Golden Brain.

With millions of hours’ worth of content being created every day, how do you cut through the chatter and create a clear, authentic, knowledgeable voice for your industry?

Did you know an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data is generated every day and there are thought to be more than 44 zettabytes of data across the digital universe? We live in an age of information overload, with rolling news and global communications, so how can your business cut a clear path through to speak directly to your customers?

Every minute of the day, an average 6.3m searches take place on Google, and with so much information out there, your marketing and communications activity should be as precise, targeted and clearly thought out as possible. Don’t add to the avalanche of information your audience is facing without making sure it adds value and is welcome.

Having said this, you are an expert in your industry. Watching it develop and playing a role in its evolution, you are uniquely placed to offer thoughtful, informed insight into its challenges and opportunities for your customers.

What is the best way to develop a voice in your industry?

Short posts, press releases and emails all help to get your message out regularly and promote the benefits of your products to your customers. However, your understanding goes deeper than this and longer form content – such as blogs, guides, exclusive articles or whitepapers – provides the opportunity to showcase your clear understanding and perception of the industry more widely, of current technology trends, and of the marketplace as a whole.

Blogs still have a clear part to play in keeping your website fresh, providing informative, detailed content that you have full control over, and developing your industry voice (of course I believe this, I’m writing one now). However, they are a significant commitment and need to be kept updated and fresh. Whitepapers and guides demand less frequent time and commitment, and can explore a particular subject more deeply.

Blog posts and whitepapers can also be turned into a range of marketing communications content you can promote via channels such as PR, your website, LinkedIn, and trade shows. They can also be gated, giving you a great opportunity to generate traffic to your website and new sales leads.

Deep diving into the issues that matter to your audience

Think carefully about what you want to talk about, what your potential customers and the wider industry want to hear, and what you know. What are the current challenges that your customers face? What helps them to meet these obstacles? How is the industry changing and how will your customers need to adapt? What would aid their understanding of your products and do they help achieve business goals?

It is immensely valuable to be seen as knowledgeable and informed by your customers and the wider industry. If you are stuck for ideas, a third-party like Golden Brain can discuss it with you and find the best stories for you to tell.

How to make your voice heard

At Golden Brain, we are the ideal partner to help you create compelling longer form content and get it in front of your audience. Our unique relationship with our partner Interact Analysis provides us with insight and expertise within your industry.

You can see some examples of the many whitepapers we have created with our clients here and examples of our work with customers here. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the many opportunities in this area further with us.