CoEvolution is a Chinese company that provides multi-fleet orchestration software and integrated solutions. They needed our help to increase their exposure in the US ahead of their move into this new market.


We created a marketing communications campaign tailored to CoEvolution, and the US robotics and logistics audience.

Public Relations

We created a tailored list of relevant robotics and logistics journalists/editors and promoted CoEvolution’s content to them. Overall, across 4 rounds of outreach, we achieved more than 30 stories in trade media, as well as a series of media briefings with CoEvolution’s leadership team and industry-leading journalists.

Content Creation

Throughout the campaign we created a series of press releases as well as placing a number of exclusive trade media articles.

Event Management

We ran a successful PR event for CoEvolution at the PROMAT March 2023 trade show in Chicago, USA, which was well attended by journalists, who engaged in a lively and successful Q&A session. This resulted in a series of post-event stories in leading trade publications.


  • Coverage in over 30 relevant US trade magazines, as well as a number of follow-up articles after the PROMAT 2023 PR event.
  • Many of the US robotics and logistics industry’s leading trade media editors are now aware of CoEvolution and their brand.
  • Our work with CoEvolution continues.
"Since working with Golden Brain our brand exposure in the US has increased rapidly. The team ran a successful PR event for us at ProMAT 2023 which resulted in some great interactions with journalists and excellent media coverage, including being named by FreightWaves as one of the hottest news stories at the show. We now feel much more confident about our expansion into the US market and look forward to working closely with Golden Brain to spread the word about our multi-fleet orchestration technology far and wide. "
- Marketing Director